I've been on OKC on and off for years. While I understand the complaints and horror stories other Jezzies tell about their OKC experiences, I've never really had similar ones. Maybe being fat insulates me from a certain percentage of interests and comments, or maybe it's simply the fact that I've always online dated (seriously, I've never gone on a date with someone I first met in-person), but I've never experienced it as a horrible place.

Well, the Ex and I broke up a few weeks ago, and my account had already been deactivated for a while before that, so tonight, out of boredom, I reactivated it. Within 5 minutes, I had received:

—**Three** variations of "how r u cutie" messages

—**One** generically non-threatening "How are you tonight?" message

—**Two** messages "concerned" about my newfound singleness ("what are you going to do for dick, now?" and "I wish I could help you with the pain of being single").


Maybe it's because the breakup is still fresh, or because it's been a long time since I've been "single" on OKC, but they just made me feel...gross. And defeated. I like being in relationships if only because it means that I don't have to date, and now I have been clearly reminded why I hate dating so. damn. much.